Short blog. Transformational invite.

The holiday hype is over and last year—for better or worse—is closed out. You may be hoping for improved things in the months to come or been planning, focusing, and rolled up your sleeves to work on bringing about a new you. No matter your entrance into the year, you will experience richness of soul by choosing to practice what I’ll simply call “the ten second mind shift.”

It has everything to do with you. And God.

And relationship.

My own need for the ten second mind shift stems from a natural tendency to seek God’s hand for relief rather than seeking His face for relationship.

And I know I’m not alone in this!

  • We ask God to change or relocate that person we’re sick and tired of dealing with.
  • We pray for relief from whatever it is that robs us of comfort—whether it be physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual.

We are, of course, remiss any time we either despair or attempt taking charge of situations without bringing our needs and desires to our loving heavenly Father. He wants us to seek Him for relief and help as seen in Philippians 4:6-7. He knows everything we’re facing and assures us of His love and watch-care over us (as exemplified in part in Psalm 139:2-3; I John 4:9-10; II Corinthians 1:3; and Psalms 32:8). And remember: He even goes so far as to let us know we often pray awry and ask too little of Him! (James 4:3; John 14:13-14; and Praying in Jesus’ Name: What Does It Mean?)

It’s this inexplicable graciousness and power of God which opens the door for any of us to have brief, transformational shifts in our thinking, this year and beyond:

To realign our resolutions with God’s.

We bring everything to God as a child would to his or her loving, all sufficient Father. But we don’t stop there. We also take a few moments to ask of Him and consider:

What is Your wise resolution, here, Lord?

Which of Your purposes are You seeking to accomplish in me? In this situation?

Most often, the answers to these questions are right in front of us; in God’s Word. And when we choose to let those truths saturate our perplexities and echo through the dark canyons of difficulty? We experience a calmness of spirit and deep intimacy with the Lord. We see His face and sense the gracious and generous touch of His hand.

* * *

Will you join me this year in choosing “ten second mind shifts” to seek out God’s resolution for our troubles and to pursue intimacy with Him, as opposed to merely petitioning Him for relief?

* * *

This encouragement for my own heart and blog for you has derived from Bible reading and the following music from Paul Wilbur’s Jerusalem Arise!

Let The Weight Of Your Glory Fall

For Your Name Is Holy


You are loved!



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  • Beryl says:

    Ahhh, June…you are right. You are not alone in this. I often times find myself seeking God’s hand of relief instead of seeking His face for relationship. That truly is what it boils down to. Yes, my sister, I will join you in this mind shift!

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