“You will never understand who you are until you understand who God is.”

(Billy Graham, The Journey)

As we’re wrapping up this series on The ‘Who’ of God, we are asking the important, “So what?” question. And the above quote shows depth of insight. We are meant, as individuals, to not only know of God, but to know Him.

This reminds me of cherished, little guests we frequently have in our home. They like to haul out a children’s puzzle of the United States, which is comprised of one piece per state. While kindergartners and first graders have learned to put this puzzle together, their knowledge is limited. They see brightly colored pieces on a board which don’t hold personal significance for them.

But the states they remember visiting become another thing. Now the puzzle piece of a certain state holds meaning! It’s where grandpa and grandma live. Or where they went to a theme park. Or camping. They realize there’s a whole world out there in the form of streets, homes, trees, fun places to go, and people they love represented by a section of the puzzle.

This observation has reminded me how we can read, study, or talk about God—and even become proficient at naming His attributes—much like a child successfully putting a country’s puzzle pieces together. Sadly, however, we may read or study the character of God yet fail to “get on the plane or drive the vehicle” (so to speak). We neglect to personally experience and treasure who God is. To know Him!  

Clearly, God desires to have relationship with people. The Triune God chose to create man in His own image with the ability to commune with Him (see Genesis 1:26). He formed man out of the dust and personally breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (see Genesis 2:7).

We are the ones who separated ourselves from God through sin. And He has invested—deeply and all-sufficiently—in you and me. Why? So we could experience restoration and know intimacy with Him. We are given the choice of accepting God’s matchless gift of forgiveness and reconciliation with Him or to remain separated. This is both glorious and heavy stuff. Perhaps now is an appropriate time to ponder and pray over ETL’s blog, Thank You For The Thief.

Friend, do you understand who you are? What you were created for? Look deeply at God’s attributes and pack your bags if you haven’t already—to get moving and personally embrace their glory! Because you will never understand who you really are until you understand who God is.

God is Spirit

He is Unity (God in Three Persons)

He is infinite


God is Unchanging

He is Omnipresent


God is Omniscient (all knowing)

He is Omnipotent (all powerful)

He is Just

God is Love

He is Truth

God is Self-Sufficient

God is Holy

God is Glorious

God is Personal

* * *

This is who God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is!

Jesus personally came on your behalf and mine so that we could have the option of  joyfully knowing and walking with God, forgiven and free.

It’s what we were created for.



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  • Beryl says:

    Amen! I am so grateful He chose me to get to “know” Him! Lord, help me to know you deeper each day!

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