This ministry’s materials are the writings of imperfect, learning individuals.  Everything you read or listen to through Encouragement That Lasts (or any other source) should be vetted against what the Bible has to say (in context) and in prayer to the Living God.  None of us can properly understand and apply the Bible without God gifting us with such an ability.  We need to fellowship with Him and invoke Him in our pursuit of lasting encouragement and truth. Combining Bible reading and studying with prayer is the best way to accomplish this.

For the above reasons, we recommend immersing yourself into lasting encouragement through the following means:

  • Putting your amazing brains to work. This is not a joke! You have been given a wonderful thinking tool, and you will best be served by letting it operate at full capacity.
  • Having a teachable heart. All of us have hearts that have been bruised and battered through this thing we call life. But have a little talk with yours and let it open up to receive real encouragement.
  • Having your own Bible. A translation is preferable for your reading, study, and double-checking the accuracy of our materials. This ministry most often uses the New American Standard Bible (NASB).
  • Engaging in prayer. God is the one Who knows you the best and can help you the most. You can talk to Him any time, any place, about any thing.  (Now that’s encouraging…)
  • Making use of Bible apps and study tools. The YouVersion Bible app for your iphone or tablet can be helpful for reading a passage of scripture in several versions. It also has Bible study plans, a verse of the day option, and audio options.  Sweet!
  • Overviews for Scripture Reading. Have you ever felt a little lost trying to grasp the culture and what’s recorded in the Bible? There are short videos which provide the layout, themes, and overview of the Old and New Testament books of the Bible that we have found accurate, user-friendly, and most helpful:  check out
  • Consider investing in an excellent Bible software program for deeper reading, research, and studying. These are not just for pastors and teachers! Logos is highly recommended.
  • Utilizing free, on-line Bible commentary resources.  Be careful, however, for there are some bad commentaries out there along with the good. Nonetheless, there can be sound digging in Bible Hub, BibleGateway, etc.  We would respectfully remind you that commentaries are the thoughts of men, not the words of God.   People’s ideas and/or convictions are not the same as God’s written, recorded word.
  • Make use of “Inductive Bible Study” methods. Logos has an excellent overview of what this is. And you don’t have to purchase anything to get started on studying out Scriptures better and getting more out of your time of the Word. This, friends, is a game-changer!