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Encouragement That Lasts is a nonprofit corporation operating in the State of Washington, USA.

Meet the Founder

Welcome! My name is June Strickler, and the most remarkable thing about me is the God I serve.  He called me into relationship with Him when I was a child, and has used me as a living example to show that His unfathomable grace and guidance is available to everyone. His relentless love and systematic insertion of truth into my mind and heart have transformed me into someone who has become ‘Wild About God.’ But it hasn’t always been that way.  I’ve questioned God’s love, fought Him, and grieved Him many times. The longer I live, however, the more I thrillingly cling to grace and marvel at God’s mercy.  And I am humbly committed to helping dismantle falsehoods which may be nipping at your heels (or lodging in your heart), and partner with God in giving you lasting, ‘rubber-meets-the road’ encouragement.  Please peruse the website and sign up to receive Encouragement That Lasts.

More about June

Is this for me? I’m not sure about this God stuff.

From our hearts to yours: If you are uncomfortable with references to God and the Bible, you might wonder whether Encouragement That Lasts is worthy your time.  We at ETL totally get that, and are not disturbed about any doubts you may be having. In all honesty, however, you may be interested to know you have already been prayed for.  We have prayed you will not erroneously conclude Encouragement That Lasts is not for you… because it is.  As you delve into our materials, you will likely discover God is not only real, but He is neither your enemy nor unapproachable.  He is holy – frighteningly so – but gracious and full of compassion.  He is slow to anger and of great mercy.  He tells us that in His Word, the Bible, and He has proven those truths to us, His imperfect learners, countless times.  We hope you will let us roll into your personal space because of this great and marvelous fact:  God is bigger than any doubts we harbor and any sins or failures we have engaged in (or been the victims of).  And He deeply cares about you.

We don’t know where God fits into your heart and mind today, although we recognize there are many possibilities.  Are you angry at God?  Disappointed with Him?  Not sure He even exists, or loves you with power and perfection?  If so, we humbly ask that you take advantage of our releases, absorbing them from start to finish each time they come out… no matter what words, phrases, or concepts may be foreign to you (or difficult to swallow).

God is able to meet you wherever you are at physically, spiritually, and/or emotionally right now. And even though we live in a world of heartache, uncertainty, and temporary fixes, the God we at ETL know is fully able to provide you with Encouragement That Lasts.  Join us, please; unwrap His gift to you in the materials to come.